Setting up JBOD with Fujitsu D2607 RAID Card on PRIMERGY Servers

Fujitsu does not officially support JBOD in Fujitsu 6Gb RAID 0/1 RAID card (D2607) on their PRIMERGY servers, and the JBOD mode is disabled by default. However you can enable it and use disks in JBOD with D2607.
Here is a procedure on how to enable JBOD in D2607.
  1. Power on your PRIMERGY server.
  2. Press the Control and Y keys during the RAID card initializaton (see below) to launch the command line interface.
  3. Run the AdpGetProp command to check the current javascript:;setting.
  4. Run the AdpSetProp command to enable JBOD if it is disabled.
  5. Enter the 'q' key to exit the CLI.
  6. Reboot.

If the drives which you want to use in JBOD are not shown as JBOD drives like "Unconfigured Good", you need to make the drives JBOD.

Please note that, as I said at the beginning, Fujitsu does not support the JBOD mode with the D2607 RAID card. You can enable and use it, but it should be done at your own risk. If you need D2607 JBOD support, please ask your Fujitsu contact for support.

Update on April 11th: I tested the above configuration on a previous generation of Fujitsu servers (S6 generation). I borrowed an S7 server (RX300 S7) with 16 HDDs and D2607, and did the same setting. The system hung when the RAID controller was being initialized.

When I used a later version of unsupported firmware, the system was able to boot with all the 16 drives in JBOD. I could install Solaris 10 and use all the drives in ZFS as JBOD. Therefore the issue would be caused by the Fujitsu firmware.


Unknown said...

Actually, when I tried this on a new TX150 S8 system, it would no longer boot, and I can't get back into the LSI menus or PCLI. It hangs at "FW Package:" ...

See photo:

Masa Murayama said...

Thanks for your comment and sorry for my late response. I borrowed a Fujitsu RX300 S7 with 16 HDDs using D2607 JBOD, and got the same issue as you mentioned.

I did a further testing and found out that the Fujitsu firmware would cause the hang problem. When I flashed unsupported firmware, the system was able to boot without any issues. I was able to use all the 16 drives in ZFS as JBOD running Solaris 10 on this RX300 S7 with D2607.

Fujitsu does not support JBOD in D2607. They recommended an LSI 9211 card for JBOD. I don't know what to say to Fujitsu...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reply - I was (eventually) able to get an actual SAS controller card from Fujitsu, but good to know about flashing the other firmware.

Also, it seems that they knew about this issue with systems having more than 8 HDDs, but this was the first time they had heard of it happening on a system with <= 8 HDDs.

Unknown said...

Masa - thanks for your posts.
Can you confirm which "unsupported" firmware you flashed to the d2607 raid card. Have not been sucessful using lsi 9211-8i f/w.

We purchased 3 of these cards and we would like to use them in JBOD mode with 15 or 16 drives !!!


Witek Baryluk said...

Very helpful post about JBOD on this D2607 card.

I am also interested which unsupported firmware you flashed that it worked.

I tried few and none of them worked.


Poster said...

Hey Masa,

can you share the Information about the unsupported Firmware for the Fujitsu D2607?
It uses a LSI SAS2008 chipset, but i was unable to find any Information about firmwares, which support JBOD for the attached disks.

Maybe you can send me/ publish the Link for the firmware Download ?



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